Monday, April 18, 2016

Costs 2016

It's probably going to be a light gardening year, in both expenses and harvest.

Planted onions today (April 18), and an eight-pack of assorted lettuces (over in the annex). Used up the left-over manure from last year to line the onion planting trenches.
  • $6:   80 onions (half red, half "Candy" yellow)
  • $3:   8 lettuce plants
  • $13: Sage plant, 6 Sugary grape tomatoes, 6 banana peppers and 12 New Ace peppers
  • $28: 10 butternut plants (yay! I'd almost given up on finding them) and 4 huge bags of composted manure
TOTAL: $50

ETA: It's fortunate I didn't spend much, because I doubt I got $50 worth of produce out of the garden, thanks to the drought. Might have broken even, but only if I assign some of the manure's cost to next year's garlic crop. 

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