Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Early status 2015

We've been experiencing wild temperature swings plus chronic drought. Everything is ahead of my usual schedule, with several tomatoes and peppers set, and it's only June 10th. Should have ripe fruits by early July instead of August.

Scapes are fully formed on the Red Russian garlic and are just starting to form on the German Extra-Hardy. Bean and pea plants are thriving, newish rhubarb plants are doing better than any other variety I've tried, zucchini and yellow squash have germinated well, onions are a bit puny from lack of water, and not many butternuts sprouted (and I don't have more seed, but there are a bunch of volunteers that I think are butternuts, but could be cantalope or a hybrid of butternut and Kabocha). Oh, and we have strawberries. I'm not really enthusiastic about the variety. Not terribly flavorful.

The semi-feral cat, Clare, has taken to joining me in the garden, lounging in sunny spouts or chasing imaginary prey. She and the completely feral cat, Carl, have apparently been doing a good job at keeping the smaller critters out of the garden. Very little nibbling on anything, except what bugs do. The gypsy moths were bad this year. One pepper plant did get pulled up and the top eaten. I haven't figured out what might have done that.