Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday joy

Todd was "helping" me with a Christmas present.

My friends and family seem pretty good-natured about the fact that all their gifts come covered with cat fur. This one wasn't quite done (it's quilted, but the edges haven't been bound) when Todd burrowed into the jumbled project. I did wash it before it was wrapped and mailed. I had to leave it in the laundry room for the week between finishing it and mailing the package, so it was (somewhat) unfurry when it left here.

The kittens have been a joy since we found them, and, like young kids experiencing Christmas for the first time, they're reminding me about just how much fun the holidays can be. A friend sent me a (fortunately very sturdy) tree-shaped ornament made out of beads on a pipe cleaner.

"What you mean, is not toy?" says a shocked Todd (the orange kitten, pictured above).

"Best toy ever, actually," says Jazz (the calico), bouncing up and down in her enthusiasm. "Our human even knows the rules of the game. First, she puts it in a hidden spot. Then Todd digs it out, and I chase it."

"Oh, but the best part is after that," says Todd. "Our human screeches louder than a mouse, and then she plays keep-away with us, and then she hides the toy away again, so we can start the game all over."

Here's wishing that everyone will recover the joy of simple toys this season.