Sunday, June 30, 2013

Status update

The peppers got re-mulched today. Picked the first summer squash yesterday, along with the first two banana peppers. Quite a few more bananas should be ready to pick within the week. Garlic is showing signs of ripening, with the scapes starting to straighten up. Onions are far from ripe, but the red of their roots is starting to be visible. Not round and popping out of the ground, but just showing red at the base of the leaves. Raspberries are coming along nicely. I'm hoping to get a few of them before the birds do.

The zucchini finally sprouted. We have about ten plants, I think. And fourteen butternut plants. I'm starting to research summer squash recipes, having committed to at least try to find ways that I'm willing to eat it this summer. Ways that don't involve several cups of sugar and vegetable oil. I suspect I wouldn't even taste it in a stir fry with the curried marinade I use on chicken. There's already a second summer squash almost ready for picking and three or more others on their way.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peck of peppers (unpickled)

I picked eight peppers yesterday! Very early in the season, at least for me. They were small, about half the size they could be, but I wanted to encourage the plants to set more fruits, and remove the fruits that were touching the ground (and therefore most likely to get bruised and rot). There are at least a dozen more approaching the same size, to be picked in the coming week. Plus at least three banana peppers.

They're so CRUNCHY. The store peppers, and the larger varieties in general, tend to be so much mushier than fresh-from-the-garden, slightly smaller varieties like Ace.

I finally got a zucchini seed to germinate. I was starting to think I'd gotten a defective packet, perhaps stored badly or something, but now it looks like the poor germination was likely due to drowing in the recent deluges.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Squash summer

I still have hopes that this will be the summer of the squash, and not ALL of it will be summer squash. The sections of the garden that were submerged  yesterday aren't visibly wet, although the water probably isn't far from the surface.

I finally planted the lettuce-leaf basil (13 plants).

I thought the butternuts had drowned, but they seem to be alive, albeit perhaps on life support. We're not expecting any more heavy rain, just the occasional pop-up thunderstorm, for the next ten days, so they may still have a chance. I may plant some more seeds anyway, just in case, but we're bumping up against the deadline to have enough time for them to ripen before the first frost.

Here's the first squash (yellow) of the season, which should be ready for eating in the next week, followed by the first pepper I'm targeting for next week (I want to remove the first harvest while they're still small, so more will set), and a particularly curly garlic scape:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Drought to rain

First, it was so dry that about half of our onion plants died.

Now, we've had so much water that the water table is flooded, and there's about 4" of standing water in the garden. Most of it is in the pathways and the beds are raised enough to be dry on the surface (don't know about where the plant roots are), but one corner of the onion & squash bed is visibly under water. I may need to re-seed (again) the squash, which had JUST sprouted.