Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Never enough plants

I keep thinking I'm done buying stuff for this year's garden, and then I decide to get "one more thing," and come  home with three things. So -- sage plant, Aristotle basil plants (for my neighbor/co-gardener) and yellow squash plants (also for my neighbor/co-gardener). Total: $7.

I usually grow squash from seed, since it's so easy (and cheap) to do, but I got the wrong seeds (I think; I don't eat  yellow squash, so I don't know the varieties, and the person I grow it for doesn't have any preferences, except she doesn't like zucchini, and the squash seeds I got were yellow zucchini, which I think is different from regular yellow squash), and my usual sources for cheap seeds didn't have any yellow squash, so I went back to the local nursery and got a four-pack of plants. Variety: Park's creamy.

Now, I'm really done. Oh, except I need a Greek oregano plant. Mine died after a couple difficult years, and the local nursery didn't have any. May have to get it in a big box store. Or wait until next year.

In any event, if we have even a halfway decent growing season, we're going to be drowning in squash. Especially yellow-colored, whether zucchini-flavored or other.

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